2018 One Lunger 100 Vintage Snowmobile Race Results

100 lap single cylinder class
1st: Tyler Pierce & Andy Mills
2nd: Steve Kujawa & Carl Sorensen
3rd: Josh Adams & Clint Andersen

100 lap twin cylinder class
1st: Garrett Easton & Shannon Hlad
2nd: Mike Moyer & James Pappas
3rd: Sandy Sletten & Noah Sletten

10 lap Open class
1st: Patrick Ingram
2nd: Mike Carrillo
3rd: Scott Stromberg

Juniors race, ages 9-14
1st: Jarak Bredthauer
2nd: Otis Leniger

View detailed results here: My Laps

View the Pinedale Coverage & Photos Photo Gallery Here

1st Place Single Class: Tyler Pierce & Andy Mills of Pinedale, WY
1st Place Twin Class: Garrett Easton & Shannon Hlad

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